Other Landscape Services

In addition to our landscaping, lawn care and hardscaping services, Marshall’s can also help with a wide variety of related projects.

Whether you need to clean up a large, overgrown area, remove brush and debris from around your outbuildings,  or get rid of your sheds entirely, we can help.

We can also help businesses who work on MD roads and highways. If you are pruning trees, working on electrical or telephone lines, or working in general on the roadsides, our crash attenuator truck rentals are a necessity in protecting your workers.

Our team are also experts in a variety of excavating and land grading jobs, and we have the equipment to get those jobs done.

Related Services

One landscaping job often leads to another, or some may go hand in hand.

For instance, spraying mosquitos on your property may help with mitigating the mosquito population, but removing the source of water that the population is using to hatch it’s larvae may be of greater impact on the population.

Drainage and grading land may also help with this, as may planting an array of plants to help soak up water. Removing phragmites, bushy weeds and other overgrown areas, by bush hogging and mulching, will also help you solve many issues before they have a chance to become a greater problem.

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