Plant and Weed Control

A  variety of spray vehicles and tanks gives us the ability to control weeds on both commercial and residential properties.  We can lightly spray areas close to ornamental and decorative plants or grass, as well as cover large areas of difficult vines and invasive or overgrown plants. From backpack sprayers and Kubota mounted spray units to 200 gallon tank trucks, Marshall Property Management can solve your weed problem fast.


One of the most invasive plants on the Eastern Shore, phragmites has taken over many wetlands, and has proven to be very difficult to eradicate. This plant has blocked the view in many back yards, and often, it is too wet where these plants grow to easily cut with a weed eater or lawn mower. A home for mosquitos, fleas and ticks, getting rid of phragmites is an important concern for homeowners who wish to improve the quality of their view, and overall environment.

Poisonous Plants

Identifying and treating poisonous plants can be difficult for homeowners who wish to rid their yard of noxious weeds, but would like to keep beneficial plants in the garden. Kyle and his team are experts at identifying these plants, and with licenses and certification in herbicide application, you can rest assured that your pets and other plants will not be harmed by the removal of these harmful flora. Contact us to have a look at your yard, and find out if you have poison ivy, poison sumac or poison oak on your property.

Aquatic Invasive Plants

Plants can take over a shallow pond, and parts of your wetland. Some of these plants, like Raccoon Tail, can help to clean your pond and provide cover for young fish and tadpoles; but if left to grow out of control, plants like Parrot Feather and Water Lilies, though beautiful, can choke your pond and make recreation impossible.
Kyle Marshall and his team of licensed pesticide applicators are certified to handle aquatic areas and wetlands safely, and without damaging the environment.

Plant Control

Even local plants can take over a yard or garden. Plants like cattails and certain pond plants can begin to crowd out other flora such as local flowers and beneficial or ornamental plants. To rid your garden, pond area or wetland of the plants that have begun to grow out of control. Kyle and his team can install and take care of your food plot, or outdoor living space, and safely treat those plants which begin to get in the way. Improve the quality of your outdoor experience by controlling these plants. Give us a call today!

Beneficial Plants

Many plants can provide a significant benefit to your lawn and garden. Local plants like Bayberry and Cattails can soak up a large amount of water, that may otherwise pool on your property, helping to keep mosquito larvae from having a place to hatch. Properly managed, beneficial plants can help crowd out invasive species, and keep them from growing back after treatment with pesticides. Give our expert, licensed applicators a call to find out what plants can be installed on your property after a pesticide treatment.

Family Safe

One of the greatest concerns of homeowners is the safety of children and pets where pesticides are concerned. Marshall Property Management is Maryland Licensed and Certified to safely apply weed killing herbicides so that your environment, and family, will not be affected by the improper application of dangerous, over the counter pesticides and chemicals.

Residential and Commercial

From large woodland groves, commercial parking lots, and buildings, to small backyard plots and mulched areas, Marshalls is equipped to manage your weed problems and provide you with an inexpensive and efficient way to keep your stone or crush and run driveways and parking lots weed free as well.

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