Excavation Services

IF you need an excavation contractor in MD, look no further. From creating roads on hunting camps and farms, to removing old pools.. and just generally digging dirt and moving it: We have you covered.

Some issues fixed by excavation include: erosion, water mitigation, road and driveway construction, as well as leveling and grading properties. Marshall’s has the equipment and experience to help with these projects and more.


General Excavation

There are many tasks that can be performed with excavating equipment. We can highlight a few here, but by no means cover them all. Backhoes can even pull vines out of trees.

Leveling and Grading

Filling in those low areas and leveling out the high. Doing this helps with rain water mitigation and erosion control around your home and property.

Farm and Estate

Roads, lanes and pathways on a farm or estate property can be difficult to clear, and may need additional dirt or grading to help keep the area above water.

Hurlock, Preston, Secretary, Church Creek, Wingate, Taylors Island

Easton, Cambridge, Salisbury, Preston

Digging Irrigation Pipes
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