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Residential Properties

Your yard is your haven, and every yard is unique. Deciding on affordable landscaping for your property can be challenging, especially if you need the proper landscaping tools and equipment. If you are looking for a clean and beautifully contoured landscape for your family to enjoy year round, Marshall Property Management can provide you with the best affordable landscaping.

Commercial Landscaping

Having many commercial landscaping partners, Kyle and his team have a proven record of installing the best affordable landscapes for your customers. The proper choice of plants and mulch can greatly increase the curb appeal of your business, helping to draw customers and approval in the community. Fully Licensed and Insured, you will have peace of mind that the job is done right.

Landscape Design

With a keen eye for detail, and a strict understanding of what types of shrubbery and plants will best suit your landscape, Kyle will help you achieve your vision of how your property should look, and assist in bringing out the best attributes of your unique landscape.


A quick, professional landscape installation will help you get your landscape looking the way you want without having your lawn or curbside looking bleak and messy longer than you would like. Kyle's team will get the job done right in an expedient manner, and be out of your way in a hurry!

Plants and Mulch

The proper planting of your landscape is important to ensure that your installation does not struggle or fade away due to improper light or room to root. Kyle's understanding of which plants will thrive in a particular environment, and in certain conditions, is one of the most valuable aspects of his work.

Leaf and Debris Removal

Removing plants, shrubs and trees from your landscape can create problems. Failing to remove the roots and properly treat the ground after removal can result in the return of plants that you do not want. Kyle and his team know how to remove plants correctly, and permanently.

Property Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your landscape is essential to preventing all of your work from being taken over by nature. If left unattended, parts of your landscape can begin to become overrun by invasive and noxious plants or shrubs. Regular mulching, weeding and treatment will prevent this.

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