Insect Control

Ticks - Lymes Disease and Spotted Fever Warning

The incidences of reported deer tick infestation have been rising over the last few years, resulting in quite a few tick bites in the counties. Other ticks on the shore, can be dangerous, but none so much as the deer tick. The wet season has driven many of these pests into trees and to the tops of phragmites. Unfortunately, some of these bites result in spotted fever or lymes disease on the Eastern Shore. Kyle and his team of licensed and certified pesticide applicators can protect your yard, family, pets and surrounding property from these types of insect infestations. Give us a call to prevent getting more ticks on yourselves and your pets this season, we can help!

Mosquito Control

Seasonal mosquito control is the one of biggest concerns of most residents of the shore. Here on the shore we have a particularly large variety. It seems like mosquitos get bigger and more numerous every year, but on the shore; given this very rainy spring, mosquitos have become a significant nuisance. Apart from carrying disease and causing heartworm parasites in your pets, mosquitos can also cause health problems for your family. In order to reduce the amount of pesticides that you spray on your family, consult our licensed professionals about finding and treating the problem areas, which are breeding grounds for mosquitos.


If you find that your pines and junipers have bag-like webs of spun silk and tree parts, you probably have bag worms. Bag worms can be particularly damaging to your conifers, and you will likely see needles being removed from your trees and shrubs at an alarming rate. Bagworms can devastate an entire stand in only one season, so it is best to remove them before they actually kill your shrubs. If treated properly, bag worms can be removed from your property. Call or send us a request to get help removing bag worms, fleas, ticks and other destructive insects from your property.


Living on the Eastern Shore of MD, if you have pets, you are no stranger to the irritation of fleas. Both you and your pets hate fleas. Putting insecticides on your pets is not necessarily the best, or only, option. Your lawn can be treated so as not to endanger your pet's health. Anyone with pets is concerned about their animal's well being, and finding fleas in your home is always a concern. To treat your lawn with green pesticides applied by a Licensed Professional is easily the best way to add an extra layer of protection between your family, and your pets, from the bites that result from the reality of these pests.

No See Ums (Midges)

The Midge, or No See Ums, or Noseeums, are a staple pest on warm nights in wet areas around the Eastern Shore. The reason they are called No See Ums, is because they are very small, but pack a sharp, pinpoint sting. Biting gnats!
If you are getting bitten and you don't see what is biting you, it is safe to say that these little irritants are the culprit. Particularly a few hours before dusk, they will come out to get you smacking yourself and jumping! Proper treatment of your property can greatly reduce the prevalence of these types of insect pests!
Welcome to the Eastern Shore!

Invasive Insect Pests

You may also need help ridding your lawn and garden of pests that have been brought here from other countries. One such pest is the Japanese Beetle. Pests such as this can be seen actively eating the leaves from your trees and shrubs. If you want to rid your property of insects like this, we can help. Trained and certified in applying the necessary pesticides in a safe and environmentally friendly way, Marshall Property Management is fully recognized by the State of Maryland to apply pesticides to your property. If you would like a quote, simply fill out the form below and we will give you a call with an affordable solution.

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Purple Martins

Martins will share these houses with other insect eating birds, like sparrows, and several of these houses placed in your landscape can help decrease the number of bugs at your barbecue!

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